Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Hideaway!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my happy place
and the last blog for Imagine if for 2014!
Wow how time has flown by!
Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year!
Jo over at Imagine if  is having some end of year fun for you all to join in!
You will need to blog hop to all the Design Team members and look for the hidden words and then once you have them all go to  Imagine if facebook page
and write

If your name is drawn you will need to return to list the hidden words!
get them right and you will win them all!

Good luck and have fun.

Todays project was a MDF box with windows (the same as my Halloween box)
To start off with I super glued it all together then painted the inside a nice pale cream.
While I left this to dry I worked on a mini fire place, I used left over chipboard to do this part then covered with a brick paper from Kaisercraft and used a print out from pinterest for the fire part.
I used some more chipboard and wood look paper from the same collection and made a little mantle.
Rather cute if I don't say so myself ;)
On to more fun the mini Christmas tree :D
I used the tip of our actual Christmas tree for this which worked perfect as it was always to long for the star.
I trimmed it into a rough triangle shape then glued little green, red, silver and gold plastic beads to look like baubles. And using one of imagine if's stars painted with Aztecs gold for the perfect tree topper.
I used the same paper from the mantle piece for the flooring of my little room after that was all in place the fireplace and tree where glued in and looking adorable. Back to pinterest again for a tiny box template for some little presents (it wouldn't be a Christmas scene without them)
I used an old red file to cover the outside to help strengthen the shape and wrapped some white ribbon around so now we have a miniature scene inside a Christmas gift!
Feeling the fireplace was missing something I had  some little elf shoe chipboard from Jo and thought hmmm!
I cut a rather rough looking sock out and painted them red with a white top and hey presto we have little stockings!

Making a mini wreath was a little tricky but
 it was just gluing beads onto some plastic so it would peel off once it had dried which took awhile. Oh and a sprinkle of glitter!
 So while that was drying the room was still missing something.. A chair!!
I had some unused cleaning sponges so i started cutting and gluing and wrapped with some fabric.
After a little more decorating of the mantle and placing a big white bow on top my little Christmas scene was finished
7 Christmas Trees!

For the blog before me go here to see what Beth has created
   and to find the hidden word!

Items used from Imagine if
Laser cut chipboard stockings
Laser cut chipboard star
MDF 3D room/box

My Youtube Channel for more of my creations!


  1. love all the detail, and great use of papers

  2. I just love what you have done Lilian - might have to lift this idea for next Christmas if that's okay

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by good luck with the giveaway. Feel free to use any ideas from me :) Merry Christmas.

  3. This is adorable and I have to give you as props for those little boxes. I just made some and all Ican say is-not easy! Lol TFS. I believe your clue is 7 Christmas Trees? I wasn't sure because all the others say something like, "my clue is....."

    1. Was loads of fun though and thanks for stopping by...good luck

  4. Beautiful work and such detail

  5. Replies
    1. hi Marilyn thanks for stopping by...Merry Christmas

  6. So clever! What a fantastic creation, I just love the fire place and the tree and the wreath and the chair and the pressies and just everything really, lol.

    1. Hi Esther thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)
      It was a very fun project to make for the grandies to enjoy! Merry Christmas